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Harghita Madaras Mountain

Mountain peak


46.453037, 25.581890

The Mădăraş Harghita Mountains are located in the Călimani-Gurghiu- Harghita (Kelemen-Görgény-Hargita) volcanic mountain range with a mostly andesite relief. It has heights between 1500-1800 m and its highest peak is 1801 m above sea level, which is called Mădăraş Peak or also known as The Saint Mountain of the Szeklersz. The longest stream of the Harghita Mountains is called Vargyas Stream and it originates from the south side of the Mădăraş Harghita Mountain. From the top of Mădăraş Peak one can see almost the whole Transylvanian basin with an excelent view over the 20-25 km wide Harghita terrace, Gurghiu (Görgény) Mountain, Gheorgheni (Gyergyói) Mountain, Hăşmaş (Hagymás) Mountain, Făgăraş (Fogarasi) Mountains. The Mădăraş Harghita Mountain is one of the Natura 2000 locations to ensure the long-term survival of its valuable and threatened species and habitats.

It is also a popular ski resort. The ski slopes of this mountain have a total length of  4,5 km, all situated between 1500-1760 m above sea level. The ski season starts from the middle of December and it lasts until the middle of April, depending on the weather conditions.

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