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Under the southwestern foothills of the 1568 metres high Mount Siposkő, in the Giurgeu Mountains,  one can easily find the well-known Șugău cave. The Heveder and the Borzoka creeks, which flow into the Mureş river, take in the water of the Șugău creek flowing out from the cave. The creek is fed by the karst water filtered and gathered by the mountain. We can access the cave from the main road connecting Gheorgheni and Miercurea Ciuc, between Valea Strâmbă and Voşlobeni. Leaving Heveder village, which belongs to Voşlăbeni, we follow the Heveder creek on a 6 km long forest path, called Fekete-Rez. Then we turn to the Borzoka creek and after a 300 m walk we will see the first inflow creek, the Șugău.

The Șugău cave is the longest cave in the East-Carpathians' core mountain group.

There are no historical records when the entrance to the Șugău cave was discovered, but it is sure that the locals have known about its existence, calling the cave as the  "Lik" ("Hole"). This cave, like any other cave in the country got its name from the locals. The reason for calling it Súgó meaning Whisperer is because the airflow is fast in the aqueous and upper passages, depending on temperature and atmospheric pressure fluctuations. In summer the airflow comes from the direction of the aqueous passage, in winter from the dry passage, and in such manner, that it forms a thick hoar layer on the plants. The draught and the roar of the water make a whispering noise, which is very strong at the aqueous passage, when a larger quantity of water flows out from the mouth.  

The air inside the cave contains much more CO2 than outside. Due to the low temperature inside, the humidity level of the Șugău cave is 95%. The water inside contains a large amount of calcium carbonate. Despite the hostile conditions the cave has a small fauna, which consists of the Froglobion-family: springtails (Collembola), insects (Insecta).

The cave's only inhabitant is a species of bat (Myottis Natererri), which appears in the cave especially winter time, single or in groups, they hiberate on the dry walls or on the ceiling of the cave. Other 5 species of bats were spotted in the cave: Greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis Myotis), Lesser mouse-eared bat (Myotis Blythi), Brown long-eared bat (Plecotus Auritus), Long fingered bat (Miniorterus schreibersi).

The Șugău cave and its surroundings are part of a natural reserve. In this reserve the "Boldogasszony Papucs" from the Orchid family, a rare and protected plant can be found.

According to a legend, the Șugău cave is connected with an other cave at the Trei Fântâni, forming a network of caves. According to the popular belief, "liquid gold was dripping" in the cave, and one can gather gold with buckets. It is said in every 7 years, three buckets are filled with gold, but they are very hard to get it out and only a few people could do it. At the end of the last century two men and a woman came for the three buckets full of gold. They showed up at the right time, at the stated place, after seven years, on Friday night before Pentecost, or on St. John's night (June 24th). To trick other contenders they put the horse shoes on the horses backwards . Many people looked for the place where to enter  that time to identify them, but their undertaking had failed, because they didn't know when these 7 years were over.

Important information:

A variety of stalactite and stalagmite formations admire a 300m-long round trip by taking.
The cave tour takes place partially built walkway, there is no electricity inside. The tour is approx. 40-50 minutes long, for which flashlights are provided.
Appropriate footwear is required for participants take, as the cave clay and wet. Recommended boots or running shoes.
Increasingly care about the safety of the cave can be visited only by qualified tour guide!
The cave can be visited only with a guide, the tours depart every hour.
Appointment is recommended for large groups.
The constant temperature inside the cave is 8 ° C.
The cave can be visited only with guide, the tours leave in every hour.
The trip into the cave takes about 30 to 45 minutes.
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